CPL Retail Energy

CPL retail energy has been providing retail energy services to businesses and families in communities of South Texas. The company supplies electricity and is based in Houston. It is amongst the largest multi state provider in North America of retail energy services. It has grown to about 5 million commercial and residential customer relationships. They build and maintain communication with communities and people they serve. Their services are customer focused, economical and reliable.

They work and live in their community. They are the proud members of their community. The core part of the company is their charitable community involvement. They actively support and take part in various programs which benefit the community where they live, work and operate. They believe in healthy economy.

CPL Retail EnergyTheir dedication, innovation and persistence help them accomplish their goals. Millions of dollars has been invested in Texas markets by CPL and Texas affiliates. They use these resources efficiently helping you to understand the information better required for cost saving and efficient energy practices. Their long term agreement of renewable power purchase helps them to purchase renewable energy credits and energy from five main wind farms in Texas resulting in a capacity of 814 MW approximately. It supplies power to more than 156,000 homes thus helping their customers in avoiding emission of around 2.6 billion lbs of CO2 created by electric generation system of Texas annually.

CPL retail energy comes under the companies of Direct Energy. It serves around 5 million customers in Canada and USA. In Texas it is the third largest electricity provider. They have employed 1,500 Texas neighbors and friends and they have three electricity power plants in Texas, one is in Mission named Frontera Energy Center, second is in Austin known as Bastrop Energy Center and third is in Paris known as Paris Energy Center. By sharing information, knowledge and processes they make the maximum utilization of their resources. They value and maintain their local heritage and are committed to their customer services.

CPL Retail Energy plan for your home:
There are different kinds of plans available you can choose from. You can manage your energy cost by utilizing their fixed rate plans. You get great flexibility by opting for their variable rate electricity plan. Prepaid electricity plan offers no contract terms, no credit check and no deposit. There are certain terms and conditions which need to be followed.

CPL Retail Energy customers enjoy full electric power choice and statutory refined rate is served to them at price to beat. They come up with excellent deals and offer competitive pricing. Their price protection plans help you save a lot of money and lasts for over a year. It helps you to keep your electricity bills low. They offer their customers with the latest innovative services and products which helps them to reduce consumption and manage energy costs. They can help you in making potential savings. CPL Retail Energy is very reliable, energy efficient and committed to their customers.